Posted by: krishna4 | March 25, 2009

World Water Day

So here I am again speaking about protecting our nature. A very exciting and cool Greenpeace activity was held last March 22, 2009 in Majayjay,Laguna. This was Greenpeace’s contribution to the World Water Day celebration. Greenpeace, according to my mom has a project called ‘Clean Water Project’ whose purpose is to campaign to protect our remaining clean waters (too obvious huh). Greenpeace chose Majayjay falls for its World Water Day celebration because it is clean (it’s good to start with a positive site, but I’m sure they will also visit polluted areas). Participants were divided into two teams. The first team’s task is to document biodiversity of Majayjay falls. The second team, where I belong, was tasked to collect stories from Majayjay community members, about the falls and about the way they protect the falls and their waters. I’m pretty disappointed (maybe you’re wondering why in all my posts am I always disappointed… why is it really disappointing guys).So where are we? oh yeah I am disappointed because most of the persons we interviewed believed that cleaning of Majayjay falls is not their responsibility but the janitor’s responsibility. Some of the community members suggested that the best way to protect the falls (and their rivers) is to add more janitors. but I think this will not work because it’ s better if the community members will help each other than to depend on someone who cleans the river because he or she is paid. I don’t want to think that community members don’t care about the beautiful falls, but maybe, they just do not know their important roles in protecting their falls and the rivers. I hope that the barangay officers can do something to educate the community members on their role in protecting their waters because it is theirs. Oh anyway, while we were doing interviews, we noticed that there are many visitors (from other towns or from Manila) going to Majayjay falls. The visitors are paying 20 pesos entrance fee per person. This fee, according to the barangay Kagawad I interviewed, goes to barangay fund and the municipal fund. The fee is being used in maintaining the falls. They also pay 20 pesos for the water consumption a month. It is good to see many people coming because it’s an income for barangay, but it is not good to hear that when there are many visitors, there are also lots of trash (the more the visitors, the more the trash in short ). It it sad to think that some people just want to use the river/falls but and do not care about it… The nature is doing its job to serve us humans, but we never seem to share anything to serve nature (so sad). I saw this myself, as on our way to Majayjay falls, there are many junkfood wrappers thrown anywhere (even if there are garbage bins). It’s good though that there are groups like Greenpeace. Oh, and of course, I did not go home without feeling the gift of nature. I swam along the clean, fantastic and amazingly cooold water falls (together with Ate Bev, Ate Irene, Ate Julie, and Ate Tet — Greenpeace staff and volunteers). I am still lucky to have seen a clean water falls. I hope this will remain clean so this can still be seen by the next generation. I am now finding ways to do my little share in protecting our water sources, like Majayjay falls. (by joining Greenpeace activities and doing simple things like not throwing trash anywhere). I hope you will do yours too. I will just update you for more other activities with Greenpeace that is so so so so fun and meaningful. THANKS FOR READING MY BLOG! majayjay-falls-no-to-bnpp-055majayjay-falls-no-to-bnpp-071majayjay-falls-no-to-bnpp-089majayjay-falls-no-to-bnpp-101majayjay-falls-no-to-bnpp-102



  1. You are just a lovely little girl with wide concern about our environment. That’ makes it more lovable. Keep up your with your wonderful work and be more beautiful.

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